Bizzie Bee is a fundraising tool and social venture initiative of the Lizzie Bee Foundation Ltd (LBF), a registered Hong Kong charity.

Our kits are educational, creative and fun. They are designed to help children develop their imagination, creativity, and fine motor skills while having the creative freedom to express their individuality.



 LBF was founded in 2010 to help create a world where art can bring people together, enable social impact, and enrich communities; regardless of socio-economic or educational background.  


The objective of this venture is to create a more sustainable and diversified revenue model to support LBF’s community work, and create valuable employment opportunities for the  overlooked in the community.

We have created Bizzie Bee Craft Kits, a new and unique idea based on our years of experience setting up quality arts and crafts workshops for kids.

Packs can be completed independently, in groups, or with the help of a parent/helper, and therefore offering an opportunity for independent play/learning as well as social interaction, team-work, and family time.