Hello Bizzie Bees,

We're looking at folding straight lines today because it'll come in very handy for the upcoming KIT 5 and other paper projects you work on.

A bonefolder (see picture below) is a specific tool for scoring and folding but if you don't have one, we can have a look around the house for other items that can help us make straight lines and folds.

You want to look for something that has a thin hard edge that you can run along a ruler.

Here is what I found around my house:

  • box cutter/utility knife

  • scissors

  • plastic knife

  • dried out ball point pen

  • small metal ruler

  • butter knife

You could also try a letter opener, the corner of an old plastic coffee gift card, etc.

What did you find around your house?

It's very important to measure and mark out your lines accurately and have a padded surface to work on—a cutting mat or a pad of paper underneath works. I like to use a metal ruler with a mechanical pencil or very sharpened 2H pencil to mark along the edge of the paper.

For paper, smooth curved edged tools work better. For heavier paper and card, try out one point of the scissor blade or the back edge of a box cutter. Sometimes the sharper edges will tear the surface of the card though. You can see my test trials below. No scoring on the first fold of the black card created a bumpy, wider and slightly tilted line

What worked best for you?

Keep an eye out for the next kit coming and all the scoring you can do with that project.

Let us know what you're up to and trying out by sharing with us via facebook or on Instagram. #bizziebeecraft #bizziebeecraftkits

Have a great rest of the week!

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