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Bizzie Bees how have you been enjoying these glorious sunshine filled days lately? I hope whatever you've been up to you're collecting new ideas and inspiration.

Today I have an insert that you can make for your Kit 5 journal. It can hold six cards or you can use it as a multi pocket folder. I'm folding it with a blank A4 sheet of paper so you can see the steps more clearly but you can use any type of paper that has interesting designs/patterns. I like to save my maps and museum pamphlets for my paper projects.

Tools andMaterials:

  • A4 paper (210x297mm)

  • ruler

  • pencil

  • tool to score (see previous post: FOLD)

  • washi tape or decorative tape of choice

  • scissors

  • paper cutter/x-acto knife and cutting mat (optional)


Measurements in mm are the blue numbers. Make tiny marks like the red ones along the top and bottom edge as well as the halfway point (105mm) along the left and right edges. Dotted lines show where you will score and fold.


Line your ruler up to your marks and score the paper. As this is thin (paper vs. card), you can score on the same side regardless of which direction the fold will be later on.


Your first fold should be the long middle fold lenghtwise along your paper. Valley fold then open. Next, start on the left edge with a mountain fold, valley fold and alternating on your scored lines. The gallery below shows you each step.


Here is another example made from the pamphlet I got at the Yoshitomo Nara exhibit at the Asia Society last year. For this one, I added an extra step during taping to make each side of the pockets a little more snug for business sized cards.

Slide these into the center of your notebook or on its own elastic in your Kit 5 journal.

Check in again soon to see the next post for other variations on the journal insert using my favourite material of all time..... the cereal box!

We'd love to see your finished journals and journal inserts. What interesting materials did you use?

Post your photos to the Bizzie Bee facebook page and on Instagram and tag them #bizziebeecraft #bizziebeecraftkits

Keep making Bizzie Bees and have FUN!

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