punch card

How else have you been using your Kit 5 punch tool?

I made a flat card/postcard from the cover of my used up watercolour pad. I re-used the cover for this because the back side of the card is folded together to hide the thread and you won't see what is printed on it.


  • thin cardboard from a snack box etc.

  • punch tool

  • cutting mat or thick card/old magazine to put under the tool as you punch the holes to protect your work surface

  • coloured string or thread

  • needle

  • tape

  • doublesided tape or glue

  • scissors

  • ruler

  • pencil


  1. Decide on the size you want your card to be and double the length when measuring out as it will be folded in half.

  2. Score down the middle, fold and unfold.

  3. Draw out a shape faintly in pencil on half the blank side of the card. I decided on an iceberg like one.

  4. Punch holes along your lines. They can be evenly spaced out or not, it's up to you!

  5. Thread a needle or tape around the end of your string (like on a shoelace) and start sewing your design using your holes. What different patterns can you make from the string crossing itself?

  6. Make sure to finish on the back side of your card and tape down both ends of the string.

  7. Use double sided tape or glue on the back side of the card to stick the two halves together.

Who will be the lucky recipient of your card? Don't forget to write a note on the back before you send or give it to them!

other ideas:

  • Try making a card with no sewing. Create a design by varying the size of the holes you punch to make the pattern.

  • Look to the sky and constellations might also be a sourch of inspiration.

As always, we'd love to hear your ideas and see your creations so share with us and help inspire other Bizzie Bees!

#bizziebeecraft #bizziebeecraftkits

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