Kit 6 slipper details

Hello Bizzie Bees,

What tools and materials did you find packed up inside Kit 6? It was a FULL box wasn't it?

In this post we're going to be focusing on the template measurements and sewing. Since the template only shows the T for the smallest size, here is how to measure and cut for the larger ones.

Here you can see the two different styles of the slipper if you decide to just sew or if you sew and then flip the slipper inside out. Decide which you prefer before you start sewing as you need to think about where the thread knots are located : ). In the very bottom set of photos in this post, you can see more clearly the difference in the stitching edge between photo one (if you don't turn inside out) and photo five (if you do).

At this stage, you should have four felt pieces cut out, two of the pieces with a T cut into it as well. I have used different colours for the top and bottom of the slipper to show the steps more clearly. Yours will all be grey.

If you do the sew and flip, here are a few more steps for the heel:

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