Hi Bizzie Bees,

What are you up to this LONG weekend? I've been wanting to try more natural dyeing with plant material since discovering the anchan (butterfly pea) flower during my art residency in Chiang Mai.

I don't have access to fresh flowers like I did in Thailand but was gifted a bag of dried ones a while back. I made dyes with anchan, onion skin, purple potato and hibisicus rosehip tea to try dyeing some easter eggs.

The onion skin and potato peelings were boiled down on the stove top and the flowers and tea soaked in hot water.

The colours are lovely but of course not as vibrant as the egg dyeing kits from stores.

Here are how the eggs are looking so far.

Have you done any natural dyeing before? It's definitely taking a lot longer for the colours to intensify on the eggs. I'm going to rotate them a bit and leave them to sit overnight. Will show you the end results over the weekend.

If you have any Easter egg creations, we'd love to see them so send some pictures our way.

Looks like we're rain free for a couple days. Have a beautiful weekend!

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