April showers bring

May flowers!

Happy May Bizzie Bees. We started out with a few holidays at the beginning of the month. I went to visit my niece for the week and on one of our days together, we decided to make bouquet cards.

For two cards, we used:

  • 3 sheets of A4 white paper (printer paper)

  • ruler

  • pencil

  • scissors

  • markers

  • white glue, glue stick, or double-sided tape

  • 2 sheets of heavier paper for the backing (We used student grade watercolour paper from a tear out pad.)

1. Mark out 9x9cm squares on the paper with a ruler and pencil. You need seven squares in total for the bouquet so my niece and I shared the third piece of paper. 9x9cm paper flowers will fill a folded A5 sized card. If you make an A6 sized card, you only need one A4 sheet of paper for the flowers to mark out eight 7x7cm squares with one leftover.

2. Cut out the squares and fold each sheet corner to corner three times.

3. Decide on the shape of your petal—round, pointy, a bit of both? Make sure it is symmetrical as the petals from different flowers will be glued back to back and the shape needs to match. Use the first one you cut to trace the other six.

4. Colour and decorate your flowers anyway you like. You can use markers, colour pencils, or oil pastels. For ours, we tried to select a light, medium and dark shade of one colour. Start with the medium colour at the centre and outside edges of the petals, then add dark and light lines on top. If you use oil pastels, you can mix and blend the colours as well. We got so carried away colouring the flowers we forgot that you don't actually need to colour all the petals, only SIX!

5. Cut off one white petal and on the remaining one, apply glue and overlap the coloured petal on top. This will give you a slightly cone shaped six petal flower.

6. Fold the creases so the flowers will open and close easily after assembling together:

7. Assemble your bouquet by applying glue (or double sided tape if you prefer) right by the outer edge of the petals. The first time we put our bouquet together, we added too much glue (white glue) to the petals. The glue spread as we pressed them together and we discovered the flowers would not open : (. We had to carefully take it apart and try again! A tiny drop will do if you use white glue.

This is the order for gluing the flowers. Black dots are where you should apply glue. If you made an extra special flower, glue it down in step 4 as it will be the centre of the bouquet (yellow one here). After step 6, apply three drops of glue like in step 3 (sorry I forgot that photo!), then glue down your next flower (pink one here) in step 7. In step 8, you will glue it into the folded card after applying a dot of glue on both the front and back side. Give it some time to dry under a heavy book.

8. Ta-da!

How will you decorate the front of your card or even more of the inside? Leaves? Insects?

Show us your bouquet by sharing a photo with us on facebook.

We'll have some other ones for you later in the week so check back in with us.

Have a colourful flower filled week!

Salome : )

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