Why are there so many shoes?

Hello Bizzie Bees,

This past week, my friend who lives on Lantau Island invited me to join an environmental land art project by Liina Klauss—10,00 lost soles taking place on Tong Fuk rocky beach.

They had been collecting footwear washed ashore for 6+ months on three Lantau beaches as well as gathering those found from various beach clean-ups.

On Monday, all the shoes were brought to the beach for colour sorting to begin. Tuesday was more sorting and some students came out to help. I went in Wednesday morning and the installation had begun. We found Liina working on the purple and red section:

I helped to sort the blue, black, brown and white shoes. My friend was working on the yellows and greens. I met people from the Tong Fuk Village community, Eco Marine, Plastic Free Seas, and other artists living in Hong Kong.

It was SUPER hot out and we had to remember to drink lots of water and stop to take rest in the shade. Thank you trees!

With most of the blue shoes sorted out, we started moving and adding them to the installation.

After a noon break for lunch and a rest away from the sun, we went back to finish the installation. I wasn't able to stay until the very end but this was the view when I left.

Have a look on Liina's page to see photos of the completed installation before all the shoes were collected and removed from the beach.

How does this art make you feel?

What does it make you think about?

Where are these shoes from? Why are there so many in our oceans and beaches? What happens to them? What other marine or plastic debris have you come across? Why is it there?

What can you do?

Bizzie Bee is back at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum this Sunday to make colouring books about single use plastic and choices we can make in our everyday life. Join us if you're in the neighbourhood: 3:00-3:45/4:00-4:45pm June 11, 2017.

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