Admiralty Art

Hello Bizzie Bees, two things for you to take your family to see in Admiralty!

I went on Friday and they were excellent. Make sure you pick up the green map for Breathing Space so you can find all the art pieces and discuss your answers to the questions written on the back as you explore together.

Some art I found intriguing...

This one you have to go hear and see!

No photos allowed of the Visual Dialogues exhibit so this was from the lift area. I really liked the map of Hong Kong showing where Fan Ho captured some of his shots.

You can walk to Asia Society from Pacific Place. Go up the middle escalators in the mall right by LV all the way to the top floor. Turn right when you're outdoors and keep walking. Cross the road carefully, turn right again and keep going up the hill. You'll find it opposite the British Consulate-General.

Sotheby's Hong Kong Gallery is located on the other side of the roundabout from the exit out of Pacific Place you took to walk to Asia Society. It's on the 5/F of One Pacific Place which you can see here being Conrad's mirror : ).

Breathing Space is showing until August 13, 2017 and Visual Dialogues closes this week on June 30.

Go see art, ask questions, be inspired and make more art!

Happy summer days.

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