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Bizzie Bees,

Here's my beloved running headphones. I've had these for about ten years now but a few years ago, the wire casing started to crack and unravel. At first I used tiny pieces of duct tape but they ended up falling off after a few runs. As you can see here, my next fix was with mt washi tape. This actually worked pretty well even though it's not waterproof, and extended the life for a year or so. Sadly it also started to peel off and more cracks appeared on the wire and my headphones, though working perfectly fine, have been out of commission : (. I've been searching high and low this year for a permanent fix and came upon three options:

  • liquid electrical tape

  • silicone rubber self-fusing tape

  • sugru

I was really tempted to try out the liquid electrical tape as I wanted to just dip the entire wire in but I couldn't find a local supplier and it was really expensive to ship to Hong Kong. The tape looked rather thick from the photos and I think is likely better for items with a larger diameter than the thin headphone wires. Sugru caught my eye and even more so when I checked out their website and read up on what they were all about. Fixing things is definitely the way to go and I absolutely love their Fixer's Manifesto! You should download and print out the "create your own" poster and have a go at illustrating the manifesto.

#1 on the manifesto: If it's broken, fix it.

Here we go!

The sugru has to dry and cure for 24 hours. I'll show you my headphones when it's ready to go on a run with me.

What have you fixed recently? Show us your fixes and illustrated manifestos by sharing it with us on our facebook page or tag us— #bizziebeehk @bizziebeecraftkits

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