October Happenings

Hello Bizzie Bees,

What did you do this weekend?

Yesterday, I met up with the artist for our upcoming Bizzie Bee artist interview and took her to see the new exhibit at the Asia Society—Painting Her Way, the Ink Art of Fang Zhaoling.

Fang Zhaoling lived in Carmel, California for a short period and it was really interesting to see her interpretation of it through ink painting and comparing it to other scenes she painted of places in China. I've been there before and maybe seen the same cliffs in her work! This is what I made when I was in Carmel visiting the mission there.

My favourite painting at the exhibit was Three Isles of Penglai, 1997. Have a look for it and see if you can tell me why! : ) I also really liked the tiny tigers found in Auspicious Snow: Ode to Peace, No. 1, 1986. Look carefully at all the people, animals and details in her art, What story is she telling?

One interesting thing I learned reading an art label was that the ink splash paintings often attributed to influence from the abstract expressionist artists of New York should in fact go to Tang dynasty eccentrics. I need to do more research on this!

Pick this up before you enter the gallery so you can try your eye at spotting ten differences with the original painting.

Also see if you can find two slices of watermelon in another one of her paintings. When I saw them, they made me think of relaxing summer afternoon BBQs with my family and friends.

If you visit the Asia Society next Sunday, October 15, there is also an Open Studio event to make qipao themed ornaments. Check the link for session times and language.

EARTHLINGS aged 4-12: If you're interested in space or want to learn more about space, NASA's Commercial Crew Program is holding an art competition for their 2018 calendar. Select one of the monthly design themes to research and use various media like markers, colour pencils, pens, watercolour or acrylics to create your art piece.

If you're wondering like me what exactly NASA's Commercial Crew Program is, it's

"...an innovative partnership to help the aerospace industry in the United States develop space transportation systems that can safely launch astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) and other low-Earth orbit destinations."

Read more with your parents here and from the Kennedy Space Center Fact Sheets.

If your parents are also keen to send something into space—Mars to be exact, they can do so on NASA's InSight lander launching in May, 2018.

It's Canadian Thanksgiving today so a very Happy Thanksgiving from me! I'm thankful for all you Bizzie Bees and our new home at PMQ which we'll be moving into next week. Come visit us at H307 or sign up for a free workshop Oct 21/22 to celebrate our opening.

Have a wonderful day!


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