Hello Bizzie Bees,

After designing your own lunch bags, have you been stamping away with the other materials in Kit 8? What designs did you carve? Remember you can use both sides of the rubber for your designs. Show us your stamps by tagging your photos (#bizziebeehk #bizziebeecraftkits) or sharing them on our Bizzie Bee facebook page.

My friend needed a stamp for a new project so I told her I'd make it for her since I had my tools and materials out from working on my succulent stamps. Hers involved letters—Eco Marine, so needed to be reversed in the process.

It's important to do test prints along the way to see what areas need more carving away at.

I made a separate stamp for "handmade" to add to the bottom.

A little bit left to clean up under the D and M but here's what will be stamped on her tag.

She's making beeswax wraps using fabric scraps from CUFFS HK as an alternative to plastic wrap so we can reduce single use plastic. Read more about it on Eco Marine's facebook page.

Have a great day!

S 🐝

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