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Bizzie Bees where do you find ideas and inspiration?

I'm often asked if I want old National Geographic magazines and I can never say no : ). There are just so many amazing things inside and ways to re-use the magazine itself. I first go through them looking for pages that fall into these categories:



-miscellaneous items I find fascinating like microscopic images or archaeological finds

-textures and colour fields

-maps and posters


The first three are great to practice drawing or painting from and you can learn interesting facts at the same time.

The texture and colour field ones I like to use for collage. This piece I painted over with acrylic and is titled Seedlings.

Maps and posters are perfect for wrapping presents or to make into envelopes for handmade cards. Small pocket books can be made from envelopes. I paint over them with tempera, fold in half and staple together. Cut the envelope flaps at an angle on each page of the book, punch holes, tie things on... the possibilities are endless.

I've also always wanted to make paper beads to turn into a hanging curtain or try my hand at weaving a container like this pencil holder I bought in Thailand made from newspaper.

I've started a few beads here but will catalogue it as a future project.

Let me know what ideas you have for re-using magazines as I'd love to try them out.

Happy upcycling and reusing!

S 🐝

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