Perkins' Pom-Poms

What have you been doing so far this new year Bizzie Bees?

Here are two different ways to make pom-poms for any project you're working on that might need them : ).

This first way I found more difficult to tie as you have to cut the yarn around the outside edge and tie between the cardboard. Next time, I would cut a piece of yarn and insert it between the cardboard first before winding yarn around so that I can tie and then cut the outer edge.

This second way is faster and more simple but you do end up trimming more of the yarn off to shape it into a sphere.

I think these two pom-poms turned out quite nicely for Perkins.

Look around the house and see what other items you could use to wind yarn around to make pom-poms. I'm going to find more yarn and try a large serving fork next!

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