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Hello Bizzie Bees,

What upcycling projects have you been working on? We'd love to see and learn from you!

Here are two ideas for holding small collections, or a gift for mum on Mother's Day (coming up in two Sundays!) or if you like baking—packaging some baked goods like cookies to gift or take along for snack, or anything you want!

Paper Box

Look around the house for old magazines or pamphlets. I had a school catalogue with some bright colours to repurpose.

For the square box, the size will be determined by your paper size if folding from a page of a magazine. The long edge has to fit four times the box length and the short edge three times. Mine ended up being 28 x 21 cm for a 7cm square box. I've marked it out in permanent marker so you can see it more clearly but you should use pencil.

Fold along the marked lines—mine are at 7, 14, 21 cm. so the paper is gridded. Then follow these steps:

For the box lid, cut down another magazine page/pamphlet paper into a square that is the same width as the short edge of the rectangle used for the box. This one is 21x21cm.

Here is the finished box with the cover. You can cut a strip of foil or parchment paper (6.5 x 28cm for this one) to line the box if putting snack items like cookies inside.

The lid of the box can also be used as a shallower container.

Another item that can be upcycled to hold things...

Tetra Pak Box

Ideally, it's best not to buy single use drink boxes like this but instead use a refillable bottle but you do sometimes come across them.

Here are the steps:

What would you put in this box? I might put plants in here and turn it into a tiny hanging planter.

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