Tai Kwun Contemporary

Do you recognize this pattern behind me? I got to attend the opening of two exhibits at Tai Kwun Contemporary a couple weeks ago and wanted to show you some of the pieces I came across and found fascinating.

There's lots of open space and interesting seating around the prison yard. There were chair installations like this one on the right (P-Scape, Nadim Abbas) but not the painted stone pieces. I made sure to read the labels carefully!

What is Bing Lee trying to say through his wall installation Animal Farm?

This was one of my favourite pieces as I got to leave a mark as part of the art.

After Liz, Neil and Salome all got added to the wall, I could not be left out so asked for my turn!

There were many other artworks in the Dismantling the Scaffold exhibition so make sure you take your family to see it and find your favourite pieces.

Another exhibition on show was by Wing Po So and titled Six-Part Practice. It was quite magical stepping into the space she created. When you visit, find out what inspired her to create these works with these specific materials. What could you make art with?

After visiting Tai Kwun Contemporary which is found in Block 17 and 20, go explore the rest of Tai Kwun and learn about the history and story of this place.

Keep a lookout for my next adventure. Perhaps you'll see me around the neighbourhood.


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