March Arts

Hello Bees,

Lots going on in HK these next few months. What's on your radar that you'd suggest to your fellow bees to go see?

I'm off to visit Sue this evening at the opening of the Celebrating Diversity exhibition. Stop by to see her encaustic work as well as pieces from19 other artists.

Free admission

Open to public viewing 15-16 March 10:00-20:00 & 17 March 10:00-14:00

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, 7A Kennedy Road, Central

Remember the yellow duck from 2013?

We're having a new floating visitor in Hong Kong end of the month. KAWS: HOLIDAY will see Companion (cloud watching I reckon) enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of our city from the harbour.

What materials do you think the sculpture is made from?

Who actually made it and how did they do it?

If you were going to design and make your own floating sculpture, what would it look like and what materials would you use?

22-31 March, Hong Kong Victoria Harbour—Central & Western District Promenade (Central section)

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