Hello Bees! Notice anything different apart from my new wall art?

I was a little too enthusiastic helping to paint at HKWALLSand now I have something to remember it by forever!

This year it's taking place in Wan Chai and walking around the neighbourhood, I got to meet so many artists and watch them at work. You can pick up a walls location map at The Clubhouse or find it online.

Stephanie of Elucious let me help paint and below is the bucket of blue that was just too enticing : )

I got to meet one of the artists from Low Bros—Florin and later in the day watch his brother taping up the wall from a boom lift.

I also met Wendy (UUendy) and Priscilla who were painting walls right next to each other.

What types of lines can you spot in Wendy's art?

Priscilla's colourful piece! She was layering patterns on top when I stopped by for a chat.

Jaba was busily spraying so I didn't disturb him. It was interesting to see the outlines for the banyan trees right next to the ones that had already been shaded.

Go out and have a stroll around Wan Chai with your family and see what else you discover!

And if you're ever at PMQ, stop by Bizzie Bee (H307) to see my new wall art—or draw me some to add to my collection.


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