Perkins explores Murakami

Hello Bees! How is your summer coming along? Have you had a chance to visit the Murakami vs Murakami exhibit at Tai Kwun Contemporary?

I took Perkins on opening day and she had a fantastic time perusing the various floors. She especially enjoyed seeing how ideas grew, the planning process behind some of the pieces and learning how the entire show came together.

The glowing GOLD room was a rather calming and reflective space.

A few other favourites...

Remember to take time to READ the art and labels.

And look down : )

Get your tickets online before you go as they're cheaper.

MURAKAMI vs MURAKAMI 01.06.2019 – 01.09.2019 10:30 – 19:00 daily (till 21:00 on Fridays)

And Perkins came back with a new art piece for her wall to remind her of everything she learned and was inspired by.

Have some AMAZING adventures this summer whether you're near or far!

And do let us know if you have any fieldtrip destinations that Perkins, Professor Peabody, or their new friend Pim would enjoy seeing and exploring. Otherwise, they'll just end up hanging out at Bizze Bee HQ all summer long!

— S : )

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