If you've been following the 🐝 and me on Instagram and facebook : ), the answer is TWENTY circles that grandma used to make the mid-autumn paper lantern she gifted me to decorate Studio P with for the holiday.

The design and construction is simple yet stunning I felt Bizzie Bee needed one for their studio so I've made a bigger one for them!

You can follow along and make one too.

Instead of drawing intersecting lines on each circle to find the centre point, I found it was easier to cut an extra circle to fold up and use as a guide.

Fold all twenty circles the same way, remembering to keep the pattern facing up if your paper has two different sides. What do you think of my new headwear?

Next, get out your glue stick and select ten triangle pieces to glue into two pentagon domes.

A clearer view with me out of the "bowl".

Add glue to the remaining pentagon dome and attach it to the tabs on the "bowl" edge.

All done!

How could you make a tassel with yarn or string if you didn't already have one around your house? Tag me on facebook @bizziebeecraftkits if you make a lantern decoration too!

Have a wonderful Mid-Autumn festival with your family and friends. Remind others not to buy or play with single use plastic like glow sticks which is harmful to our planet and our health.

Paper is beautiful!


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