Did you guess The Hague?

Mauritshuis is a lovely museum in The Hague and home to Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring. I had a wonderful time learning about many of the paintings as I walked through each room with the museum app audio guide.

Here are some of the paintings I really liked—the texture and details captured is simply amazing. Many of the flowers were the size of my head!

Spotting her from afar...

It wasn't too busy in the museum as I visited in the late afternoon but I still had to wait my turn.

Here she is up close. What is she thinking about? What is she gazing at?

Another well known painting—Het Puttertje (The Goldfinch), Carel Fabritius.

I liked being able to look closely at the brushstrokes in each painting and discovering many more colours hidden in them.

You should definitely stop at Mauritshuis if you're visiting The Hague with your family. More of my travel adventures in the Netherlands to come. Stay tuned!


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